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When it comes to replacing your homes windows, our company has the perfect solution. With our unique business model you no longer have to deal with a pushy window sales person in your home. We offer a stress free way to get your window quote in 5 minutes without all the stress and hassle. We put a lot of faith into our customers which is why we never accept any money, any downpayment at all, until after we have satisfactorily installed your new windows and you’re happy. It’s really a no brainer to do business with us, isn’t it? Yes. 

►About Replacement Windows in Michigan

Our streamlined process is second to none and it really put’s you, the consumer, in charge of the whole process. If you’ve done any looking around at other window companies in Michigan, you know how frustrating it can be when they push more window than you need or bait you into a low price deal only to discover it was a trick to get in the door. Then they jack up the price for “better” premium windows. We’re not like that and we promise to never upsell you on something you don’t need. Only straight forward pricing.

►Your Window Replacement Company in Michigan

You’ve seen the ads on tv for those cheap windows? Yeah, those windows are a complete waste of your money and will cost you hundreds of dollars per year in energy expenses. We don’t sell cheap windows. We only sell quality windows that will actually increase the value of your home and provide years of energy savings.

►The Best replacemet window option

One of the best parts of dealing with Arxxbuild in Michigan is that you get to deal with the owner of the company. No messing around with mid level managers or sales reps who are trying to up sell to make commissions. When you call, you’ll speak with the owner who can answer all your questions and give you accurate pricing that will never change once the quote is delivered. So get your window quote in 5 minutes by calling our number of submitting the quote form.

We’re able to provide iron clad quotes over the phone because of our simple measurement process. You give us the approximate measurements via email or phone and we’ll do the rest. It’s so easy.



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Should you replace or repair your old windows?

Determining whether you need to replace or repair your windows is very simple. Take a look at the window frame and see if it’s loose or sturdy. If the frame is solid and doesn’t shift around in the opening you can have our window company in Michigan install newer glass, trim, jambs and sashes. But, if you find that the frame is damaged or just worn out you’ll need an entire new window installed. In almost every scenario it’s best to just take out all the old windows along with components and trim etc… This is going to be more cost effective than trying to repair. Especially since window technology is continually advancing in terms of energy efficiency. 

Our installers are going to ask you the age of your home to determine what types of windows are currently installed. Many older homes have wooden windows which are extremely inefficient and high maintenance. Home built in up until the late 1970’s used growth woods in manufacturing. If you have old wood windows, it’s time to upgrade to an energy efficient vinyl window that will look amazing and save on energy costs. 

It really doesn’t make sense to repair your windows in this day in age. Even if you repair an older window, you’re still losing out on the efficiency factor and the curb appeal the new windows can bring to your home. If you live in Michigan you’re in luck because you won’t find another window contractor around with the simplified process we offer.

What are the most common window styles?

Casement style windows
Hinged on one side and equipped with a crank to open and close.
Great for ventilation and super easy to maintain and energy efficient.

Double Hung Windows
A very popular choice with sliding hinged sashes that can be tilted inward for cleaning the outer glass. Also energy efficient.

Single Hung Windows
Just like the double hung style but only the lower sash can be moved up and down.

Fixed Windows
Great for areas where you’re not concerned about ventilation. They are fixed which means no air can get through but they come in many styles to match your homes decor.